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Candace Lites

Yoga Instructor

Candace was introduced to yoga in high school so that she could maintain balance and flexibility during the offseason of competitive cheerleading and track and field. No longer a student-athlete, she recognized years ago that yoga is much more than a supplement to competitive sports and training. As such, she decided to deepen her commitment to her yoga practice, which led to her completing 200-hour teacher training in February 2024.

She enjoys a combination of slower vinyasa-style flows that build heat naturally within the body and faster-paced meditative flows.

By teaching yoga, Candace hopes to invoke the same mental, emotional, and physical benefits that she experiences in her practice. She believes that these benefits are channeled through greater internal and external bodily awareness and through the breath.

Candace believes that yoga is for everyone! She strives to create a diverse and inclusive yoga culture that is accessible for all levels of practitioners.

Candace Lites
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