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Carrie McGrath

Yoga Instructor

Carrie first found yoga shortly after moving to Chicago in 2012; she took a class at a gym out of curiosity and it's been a love story ever since. She believes yoga feels good as a workout, but the satisfaction you feel when you go to class and find that you are now able to reach just a little further, or are finally able to get into a pose that wasn't previously attainable - that's the great stuff. For her, the journey is as satisfying as the individual classes.

In late 2020, Carrie had hip surgery to repair a torn labrum. At first she feared this would prevent her from practicing yoga and limiting exercise, in general. However, she found it to be a new challenge that helped her expand her practice, refocusing more on safe recovery and form rather than just getting a good sweat.

Carrie's favorite yoga classes are ones that feel almost like choreography, seamlessly moving from one pose to another, encouraging you to forget what you're doing and just feel good and go with the flow.

Carrie believes that one's entry point into yoga can set the tone for how they feel about it in the long run. Her goal is to curate classes that are fun, accessible to a wide variety of people, and give students something to connect with or strive for after class.

Stay curious!

Carrie McGrath
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