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Derrick Williams

Yoga Instructor

Derrick has been practicing yoga for 4 years and has found it to be more than just a physical workout. It has become a practice that provides a safe space for him to explore his emotions without judgment or attachment. Yoga continues to teach the power of the breath and the interconnectedness of everything.

His favorite style of yoga is vinyasa flow, a moving meditation which involves connecting breath to movement and exploring the body through creative sequencing. He wants to teach yoga to share the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits that he has gained from his practice. He believes that yoga is for everybody and wants people to know that they can benefit from it regardless of their age, body type, or level of flexibility.

One of Derrick's favorite yoga teachers once said, "yoga doesn't get easier. You just keep getting stronger." He hopes to impart this message to his students and help them realize their own strength and growth through yoga.

Derrick Williams
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