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Makala Bach

Yoga Instructor

Makala has been a student of yoga for ten years and a student of life for many more. 

While initially drawn to the practice for the physical challenge, yoga has guided Makala time and time again to emotional grounding and spiritual freedom amid struggles with anxiety and depression. 

She believes yoga is essential to cultivating balance in mind, body, and spirit in a world where the only constant is change. Her practices are thought-provoking and playful, interweaving life lessons she’s learned through distance running, backpacking, traveling, and journaling with flows meant to spark the joy and freedom in movement we experienced as kids. 

Makala is passionate about making yoga accessible to everybody, regardless of race, gender identity, age, or socioeconomic status. Off the mat, you’ll find Makala camping under the stars, slinging some banging sourdough, or dancing like crazy at a concert. 

Makala Bach
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