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Sydney Rickelman

Yoga Instructor

With a career as a competitive gymnast turned cheerleader turned diver, Sydney has been a long time lover of acrobatics. Her love for yoga began as a teenager when her yoga teacher mom took her along to a hot yoga class, but yoga took a backseat to her high school and college athletics until she retired as a student athlete and learned to love yoga in its own right. She continued to deepen her practice over the years and then decided she wanted to share this love with others by completing her 200-hour teacher training.

After sustaining a number of athletic injuries over the years, Sydney learned how yoga can help you build strength and flexibility safely while improving posture and general longevity. Over time, she’s realized how incredibly strong you can feel while being kind to your body.

Sydney enjoys yoga classes that help you connect to your breath, feel good, and maybe try something new. She loves guiding her students through new poses and helping people realize they might be stronger than they think.

Sydney hopes to share with others what yoga has given to her - feeling strong and confident in your physical and mental body, experiencing your truest expression of self, and connecting with a beautiful community of fellow yogis.

Sydney Rickelman
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